Invert pdf's color while reading it in iPad

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I use Notability to write notes, and GoodNotes to read papers (In some other post, I will explain my workflow on how I read papers.). Both of them doesnot provide the option to invert the color of pdf. But wait wait, I recently found a way to invert the color of pdf while reading it in iPad. I will show you how to do it.


  1. Open iPad Settings.
  2. Click Accessibility. In GENERAL section, click Accessibility Shortcut. Tick out Classic Invert, Colour Filters.
  3. Click Control Centre. In MORE CONTROL section, Click + button to include Accessibility Shortcuts.
  4. Now, in the control centre, you can see Accessibility Shortcuts button. Tick out Invert Color and Colour Filters. Colour Filters is optional but I recommend. You will recognize the difference 😃.
  5. Open any of your pdf from any app.
  6. Hurray! You have successfully invert the color of pdf while reading it in iPad.

This steps also applies to iphone users 😉. Btw if you want to invert color of local pdf while using Microsoft edge browser then, the easiest step is to install any night mode extension (I personally use Dark Reader). But in edge://extensions setting, click Details of that extension then, tick Allow access to file URLs.

I hope these help you 😃.

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