Conformal Field Theory

This webpage is dedicated to curating papers on (the mathematical aspect of) conformal field theory (CFT). For Lie algebra and its representation, visit here. I will only add the papers that are relevant to me.

- Formally introduced in 1984 by Belavin, Polyakov, and Zamolodchikov (BPZ)

Read the most recent papers on this topic in arXiv.


Formalism and Reviews


Connection to Maths

Ideas from Standard QFT

Noting “Yellow Book”

▛ YB Erratas: first printing and second printing

  • Virasoro modes $L_n$ have $L^{\dagger}_n = L_{-n}$ which is true in most CFTs. For eg. the free boson. YB stated on page 202 to be a general result. $\mid$ Note

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Published on May 22, 2023

Last revised on Jan 20, 2024