<prefix> means Ctrl+b

Outside TMUX Session

To do?commands
create session and attachtmux
create session foo and attachtmux new -s foo
create detached session footmux new -s foo -d
list sessionstmux ls
attachtmux attach
detach (inside tmux session)<prefix>+d
attach to session footmux attach -t foo
kill session footmux kill-session -t foo
send multiplexer command to session footmux command -t foo
run ls in session footmux send-keys -t foo 'ls' C-m
run emacs in new windowtmux new-window emacs
  • You can also use the first letter of the Tmux’s argument. For example, tmux a is an alias of tmux attach.

Window Handling

New window<prefix>+c
Next window<prefix>+n
List all windows<prefix>+w
Rename a window<prefix>+,
Previous window<prefix>+p
Find a window<prefix>+f
Kill a window<prefix>+&
Swap window<prefix>+<

Pane Handling

Split panes vertically<prefix>+%
Split panes horizontally<prefix>+"
Toggle last active pane<prefix>+;
Swap panes<prefix>+o
Kill pane<prefix>+x
Show pane numbers<prefix>+q
Move pane left<prefix>+{
Move pane right<prefix>+}
Switching between panes<prefix>+<arrow keys>
To resize the paneHold the <prefix>+<arrow keys>
Scroll the pane<prefix>+[
Scroll jumpAlt+<up down arrow keys>


  • Rename the pane
    printf '\033]2;%s\033\\' 'title goes here'

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Published on May 28, 2021

Last revised on Apr 3, 2022