Damodar Rajbhandari

Namaskar (Na·mas·kar / न·मस्·कार, नमस्कार), I’m (Ma / म) Damodar Rajbhandari (Da·mo·dar Raj·bhan·da·ri / दा·मो·दर राज·भण्·डा·री, दामोदर$^†$ राजभण्डारी$^†$).

$\textbf{\textcolor{#a4abac}{ORC}\textcolor{#a4cc3c}{iD}}$: 0000-0002-6954-9830
Contact:  [firstname][AT]PhysicsLog.com

Weblog: PhysicsLog.com since 12 April, 2017 (stats)
Alias: DamodarRajbhandari.com.NP

Current Position

PhD under the supervision of Prof. David Ridout$^†$ and the co-supervision of Dr. Johanna Knapp$^†$, Mathematical Physics Division$^†$, School of Mathematics and Statistics$^†$, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Academic Contact:  [firstname][DOT][lastname][AT]student[DOT]unimelb.edu.au

Mathematical Aspect of QFT Conformal Field Theory Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory $~\ldots$

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