Damodar Rajbhandari

Namaskar (Na·mas·kar / न·मस्·कार, नमस्कार), I’m (Ma / म) Damodar Rajbhandari (Da·mo·dar Raj·bhan·da·ri / दा·मो·दर राज·भण्·डा·री, दामोदर$^\dagger$ राजभण्डारी$^\dagger$).

Contact:  [firstname][AT]PhysicsLog.com
Aliases: DamodarRajbhandari.com.NP
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Scientific Profiles: Institute (2019 - now), iNSPIRE HEP, arXiv, ORCID
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Karma Philosophy

Invest your time in such a way that you won’t feel you’re wasting your time when you relax.

Current Position

Faculty of Physics, Astronomy, and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University
Faculty of Physics, Astronomy, and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University

PhD candidate in Theoretical Physics, specializing in Quantum Gravity, under the supervision of dr hab. Andrzej Görlich, in the Causal Dynamical Triangulations Group, Department of Complex Systems, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University, Kraków (en: Cracow), Poland.

Academic Contact:  [firstname][DOT][lastname][AT]doctoral[DOT]uj.edu.pl
Office: Room no. D-2-42, ul. prof. Stanisława Łojasiewicza 11, 30-348 Kraków, Poland
URL: http://cs.if.uj.edu.pl/cs/people.html

Scientific Interests

  • Quantum gravity $\mapsto$ In particular, properties of quantum spacetime, and beyond the standard model physics $\mid$ In general, theoretical high-energy physics
  • Quantum gravity phenomenology $\mapsto$ In particular, the black hole and gravitational waves $\mid$ In general, quantum cosmology
  • Mathematical aspect of field-theoretic models $\mapsto$ In particular, the mathematical structure of the physical theories $\mid$ In general, mathematical physics
  • Computational physics $\mapsto$ In particular, Monte-Carlo simulation, high-performance computing and algorithms, and computer algebra systems $\mid$ In general, the interdisciplinary area between physics, mathematics and computer science

See my $\href{/author/professional-activities}{\overbrace{\small\verb!/professional-activities!}^{\text{\footnotesize\verb!here!}}}$

See my scientific publications in iNSPIRE HEP: iNSPIRE HEP: Damodar Rajbhandari
See my code publications on GitHub: GitHub: Damodar Rajbhandari

GitHub: Damodar Rajbhandari

GitHub: Damodar Rajbhandari

See my hobby projects: Filling Gaps in P&S QFT Book, Numerical Methods, Perimeter of ellipse


  • Jagiellonian University — Kraków, Poland
    Master in Physics, specialized in Theoretical Physics, 2 years, awarded September 2021

    Supported by NCN OPUS 17 grant UMO-2019/33/B/ST2/00589$^\dagger$ student scholarship, and Jagiellonian University Rector tuition scholarship
    Thesis: Critical properties of a random two-dimensional surface with extrinsic curvature$^\dagger$
    Supervisor: Prof. Jerzy Jurkiewicz (Obituary with homage)

  • Tribhuvan University — Kathmandu, Nepal
    B.Sc. in Physics, minor in Mathematics and Statistics, 4 years, awarded September 2018
    Thesis: An open source code for Causal Dynamical Triangulations without preferred foliation in (1+1)-dimensions$^\dagger$
    Supervisors: Prof. Udayaraj Khanal, Dr. Jonah Maxwell Miller

Non-Scientific Interests

  • Writing physics, mathematics, and sometimes computer science related blogpost
  • Learning new financial instruments and machine learning techniques
  • Playing Soccer, Cooking, Hiking, Trekking, and Traveling

See you again!
Phe·ri Bhe·tau·la! / फे·रि भे·टौ·ला!, फेरि भेटौला!

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