Damodar Rajbhandari

Namaste (नमस्ते), I’m Damodar Rajbhandari (दामोदर राजभण्डारी).
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Karma Philosophy

Invest your time in such a way that you won’t feel you’re wasting your time when you relax.

Current Position

Faculty of Physics, Astronomy, and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University
Faculty of Physics, Astronomy, and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University

PhD student in Theoretical Physics, specializing in Quantum Gravity, under the supervision of dr hab. Andrzej Görlich, in the Causal Dynamical Triangulations Group, Department of Complex Systems, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University, Kraków (en: Cracow), Poland.

Academic Contact:  [firstname][DOT][lastname][AT]doctoral[DOT]uj.edu.pl
Office: Room no. D-2-42, ul. prof. Stanisława Łojasiewicza 11, 30-348 Kraków, Poland
URL: http://cs.if.uj.edu.pl/cs/people.html

Scientific Interests

  • Quantum gravity, in particular properties of quantum spacetime, in general high energy physics
  • Quantum gravity phenomenology, in particular the black hole and gravitational waves, in general quantum cosmology
  • Mathematical aspect of field-theoretic models, in particular the mathematical structure of the physical theories, in general mathematical physics
  • Computational physics, in particular high performance computing and algorithms, in general the interdisciplinary area between physics, mathematics and computer science

See my Publications at: iNSPIRE HEP, arXiv, ORCID


  • Jagiellonian University — Kraków, Poland
    Master in Physics, specialized in Theoretical Physics, 2 years, awarded September 2021
    Thesis: “Critical properties of a random two dimensional surface with extrinsic curvature”
    Supervisor: Prof. Jerzy Jurkiewicz (Late, Memoir)

  • Tribhuvan University — Kathmandu, Nepal
    B.Sc. in Physics, minor in Mathematics and Statistics, 4 years, awarded September 2018
    Thesis: “An open source code for Causal Dynamical Triangulations without preferred foliation in (1+1)-dimensions”, Link
    Supervisors: Prof. Udayaraj Khanal, Dr. Jonah Maxwell Miller

Theoretical Purview

Physics: Quantum Gravity, General Relativity, Quantum Electrodynamics, Quantum Chromodynamics, Electroweak theory and Beyond Standard Model, Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, Cosmology, Mathematical Methods, Conformal Field Theory

Mathematics: Differential Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Lie Group Theory, Financial Instruments and Pricing, Risk Management, Random Matrix Theory, Discrete Exterior Calculus, Matrix Calculus, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Differential forms, Spectral Graph Theory, Hodge Theory, Spectral Geometry

Computer Science: Numerical Methods (in Financial Physics), Algorithms, High Performance (Parallel) Computing, Data Science and Machine Learning, Network Topology

Technical Purview

Favorite Langauges: C++, C, Python

Other Languages: GNU Bash, Julia, JavaScript, Go

Markup Languages: $\LaTeX$, HTML, CSS, Markdown

Favorite Editors (IDE): GNU Emacs, vscode

Softwares: Inkscape, Mathematica, MATLAB , R, tmux, i3wm, git, Hugo, LE(A)MP stack, WordPress

Tools: GNU Make, GNU Debugger, DOxygen, CUDA, CMake, unit tester & profilier

Frameworks: Flask (Python), Keras (Python)

Libraries: cuSparse (CUDA ToolKit), cuSolver (CUDA ToolKit), thrust (CUDA ToolKit), numpy (Python), pandas (Python), openMP (C++), Eigen (C++), Spectra (C++), QuantLib (C++ & Python)

Non-Scientific Interests

Hobby Projects

CDT arXiv scraper, Perimeter of ellipse

 Full CV upon request

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