Damodar Rajbhandari

Namaste, I’m Damodar Rajbhandari
\Intro[Curious & Focalize]{Aspirant Physicist, Scientific Software Developer & Blogger}
\Now[Master Student in Theoretical Physics]{Studies gravity & writes codes for it}


Karma Philosophy

Invest your time in such a way that you won’t feel you’re wasting your time when you relax.


I will greatly take my courage and aim to be a Research Professor working in the field of QG with my own research group in the future. And I will further develop our understanding in this field and inspire others how ideas matter and how it all unimaginably fits together and turns into reality.

Current Status

Master Student in Theoretical Physics starting from 2019-Oct-01 till 2021 at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. I’m doing research on the properties of 2D quantum geometry coupled with scalar field via dynamical triangulations (DT) approach under the supervision of Prof. dr. hab. Jerzy Jurkiewicz (who is one of the inventors of the Causal Dynamical Triangulations model).

Research Interests

Quantum Gravity, Quantum Cosmology, Scientific Software Engineering, Numerical Simulation, Artificial Intelligence for Scientific work

Usually, I use in my day to day research life

Arch Linux with i3wm tiling window manager in my office powerful workstation (also, use Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSL, Ubuntu recent version in my Dell XPS 13″ i7 8th gen), OpenVPN client to access workstation, Emacs as an code editor (configured it as C++ IDE), C++ for scientific software development, Python for almost anything,org-mode to make notes, and Notability for handwriting notes in my Ipad Pro 2020 12.9″

Why aspirant QG physicist?

From 2016-2018 with Dr. Jonah M. Miller+Prof. Dr. Udayaraj Khanal, 2019 onwards with Prof. dr. hab. J. Jurkiewicz, I’m using the DT models to learn the beauty lies behind Quantum gravity. Some exciting phenomena I learned about are dimensional reduction on short length scales, phases of quantum spacetimes, etc. Some interesting questions I would like to search are how the force works on the Planck scale and does classical geodesics work for quantum gravity? Because classical geodesics only make sense in classical geometry. Maybe, a generalization is needed for quantum gravity.

Why scientific software developer?

During my undergraduate studies in major (Physics) & minor (Maths & Statistics), I realised I have a good interests in Physics, Maths and computer science that I didn’t know existed. I’m very enthusiastic about how computer helps scientist to find answers.

Why outreach blogger at PhysicsLog.com?

I believe every theory has a specific idea with exact meaning. But, while the process of getting knowledge of it, it turns into several views and several views turns into several meanings. Now, it’s really hard to pick which one is pure. So, Blogging came into my mind. Let me answer why? The main thing that came in my mind is that, if I share an article on the topic that I have learned or trying to learn then, other peer people will read my articles and will give some feedback which I thought a wonderful idea.


Ways to know more about with me?

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Updated on 01 Aug 2020