Conversation on about the blog

Hi there!

A warm greeting from here.

It’s me, Damodar from Physics Log.

First of all, thank you for visiting this blog :)

Let’s start our conversation on the aim to introduce this blog.

Q. Your blog looks like a Physics-related blog. Can you explain to me what actually your blog about?

A. Exactly, you wonderfully caught the main subject of this blog. To be specific, I like to document things that I learn in my academic life. It includes physics, mathematics, computer science, and many more. But, the main subject of this blog is mostly physics.

Q. How did your blog get started?

A. I love ideas and, always interested to know how it fits and turns into a reality. I believe every theory has a specific idea with exact meaning. But, while the process of getting knowledge of it, it turns into several views and several views turns into several meanings. Now, it’s really hard to pick which one is pure. So, the concept of blogging came into my mind. Let me answer why?

The main thing that came in my mind is that if I share an article on the topic that I learned then, other peer people will read my articles and will give some feedback which I thought a wonderful idea.

Having exact knowledge and ideas matter much to me!

Q. So, you want to purify your knowledge. Right?

A. Absolutely! Even if I have knowledge about something, I’ll love to test my knowledge whether it’s correct or not! So, you guys are my real heroes.

Q. What is the most important thing you wish to have in your blog, and why?

A. A nice discussion on the topic that I share! Let me elaborate with a quote by John Seely Brown,

Conversation is a good catalyst for new innovation.

So, what if we really have our good times while discussing in the comments and generates new innovative ideas or build our understanding level a bit more. Isn’t that sound interesting?

Q. There are lots of Physics blogs on the internet, why should someone care about your blog?

A. Nice question! I suggest you look at other blogs too. I can’t say my blog does the best efforts to help you understand the same subjects that you and I’m interested in! Maybe, I have less knowledge about something or I couldn’t able to explain in a more accessible way.

I believe, science should be biased free. So, try to convince yourself with other similar content on other sites. I understand that everyone has limited time and investing your time in my blog is really great for me. So, I’ll try to do my best to explain the topics in a more understandable way.

I love to introduce myself as a learner, not as an expert even-though, someday I will!

Q. Would you please explain why did you choose the torus in the logo?

A. Actually, in the numerical simulation, it suggests us the simplest way to introduce a system without a boundary. I chose it because I simply loved the idea. i.e. Periodic Boundary Condition

Q. Why do you ask for a donation in the end of the post?

A. There are numerous problems in the world. I’m hoping that this way, I somehow could help the very needy ones. The donation referral will be changed based on who I’ll think is the needy one. I hope you guys will support it on the way.

Q. Why is there a mini-blog called “Thought”? And what is this for?

A. I don’t want to create another new blog (meaning buying new domain and so on) to fulfill variety of my needs. So, I decided to post the things in “Thought” that I think are not suitable for the main blog theme.

By the way, when I post something in this blog, you will see a green bell icon beside the “Thought” tab on the menu bar. It will show up until the posts are more than one month old.

Please note that all the views and thoughts presented especially in this mini-blog are solely my own, and do not reflect of others.

Q. When did you realize you need this mini-blog?

A. That wasn’t a random thought. When I want to share a topic (this post, this isn’t related to physics or maths at all), I felt bound by the theme of main blog. Since then, I felt that I need to have a mini-blog that can accommodate any post which is not related to the main blog theme.

At that time, I use WordPress and was running in Vultr’s virtual private server (VPS). But the problem is that the WordPress theme wants me to follow on how it was implemented. Of course, I can modify it by learning some bits of PHP. But I felt like I don’t want to learn it. Long story short, I moved to Hugo static generator (on 2021/04/24) and I can quickly do whatever things I want to do. This is one of the motivating factor why I’m using Hugo. Because Hugo’s documentation is super complete and most of the things are already implemented there. Believe me, you can do many things even you’re just starting to learn the Hugo template language.

Now, that post is moved to “Thought”. If you like what I post in there then, please do visit time and again :).

Q. As you said you migrate from WordPress to Hugo. But why?

A. One motivating factor I already mentioned in the previous answer. Another one is I’m tired of maintaining the server. I hosted my blog in the VPS because I was interested to learn some sysadmin thing. Initially, it was kind of fun learning it. After some time, issues are piling up. This means I need to fix it. This is how you learn so many things on a certain topic, and you master it. It was fun. But the cost is my limited time to learn these things and fix those issues. During that time, I noticed so many attacks especially DoS attack which can easily crash my LEMP stack server. So many bad people 😠 or maybe noob! For that, I wrote a bash script that can restart any of the component of LEMP stack if it found it’s not running. I felt that I’m now wasting my time on a topic that does not help me in my professional career.

The main motivating factor is this: When I was having conversation with my senior research fellow. We came to a question that what if my blog database get corrupt and there is no easy way to fix it? This made me worry about my blog because I’ve invested so many times and energies. So, I migrated it before it encounter such situation.

In Hugo (or any static generator), you write things in markdown language, and you save it. All the files including your contents and theme is in one root folder. So even if Hugo dies (hope not), you have all your things in one folder that you can migrate to other static generators. Always keep in mind that such static generator have to be fast to convert your contents into html. Because if you have thousands of posts then, it takes time, right?

Q. What is the purpose for “Notes” tabs on the menu bar?

A. These note tabs will be like a personal archive for physics, maths, and computer science. Or, you may like to call as a personal Wikipedia of mine. I hope you will get benefited along the way I publish things on these webpages.

Q. Do you have any plans for this “Notes” tab?

A. Yes, I have plans. For the moment, I can only tell that when I have teaching duties in the future, I will publish my lecture notes on these web pages in an organized form.

Q. Why are there “external links” web pages in all three subjects?

A. I initially tried to use the Microsoft Edge collection and bookmarks. But the problem is that things are overcrowded and difficult to organize. So, I decided to put the links (that I frequently or sometime visit) in these web pages. You can visit those pages by only typing /pel or /mel or /cel after the base url. Note that /pel means physics external links, and so on.

Q. How often are you planning to post in this blog?

A. I like blogging because I like to share things that I learned from others over a week. So, I’ll try to post either in main blog or mini-blog every weekend (or once a month during busy time).

Q. Why don’t you have email subscription?
A. I understand that if I have an email subscription form, then people can instantly know if I post something on this blog. But here is the main thing, I honestly don’t want to collect any sorts of personal information from my visitors. As I said, I’ll try to post every weekend (or once a month during busy time) so, I strongly suggest visitors visit my blog once every weekend. I think this is a good deal.

By the way, you can use any RSS feed aggregator to stay updated with this blog. You can easily add this blog rss via /rss. Please note that most of the feed aggregators don’t support rendering the maths equations. So, I strongly recommend you visit this site to get the fullest feeling of the post.

Updated on 14 March 2022