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Participation in a poster presentation on “A Short Visit To Ising’s 2D Model”.



Again, Let’s move to our questions round!

Q. Will you please introduce yourself in-short?

A. My name is Damodar Rajbhandari, with B.Sc. Physics degree on 2018 from St. Xavier’s College, Nepal

Q. What explain you to be who you are?

A. Well, I’m very curious about the things that trigger my mind and stay focalize for a long time. But now, I have found such a thing that I could put my best effort to understand it. The most special thing is to understand the universe at a very fundamental level. To be specific, Quantum Gravity and similar stuff. So, I will stay focalize on these things in near future.

Q. You said, “But now, I have found…”. Before that, what are the things have you worked on?

A. Basically, I love mathematics in such a way that I can take pictures of it in my mind. So most of the time, I love to play and tweak with mathematical theories. And also, I love to introduce myself as a self-learner programmer (or a software developer). So, here is the list of works of mine:

  1. Logical treatment for an oscillatory sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2,… to find any term and a computer program to assist the operation, viXra:1606.0034 submitted on 2016-06-03, get article.
  2. An introduction to F-notation and the proof of the cartesian product of natural number is countably Infinite, viXra:1611.0281 submitted on 2016-09-09, get article.
  3. A binomial theorem to derive the Taylor expansion in one variable, the winnower submitted on 2016-09-27, get article.
  4. The premature state of “Topology” and “Graph Theory” nourished by “Seven Bridges of Königsberg Problem”, viXra:1609.0113 submitted on 2016-09-09,  get article.
  5. Introduction to Fixed Point Iteration Method and its applicationfigshare submitted on 2016-05-12, get presentation file.
  6. Implementation of Fixed Point Iteration Method in Matlab version R2016a, figshare submitted on 2016-05-12, get access to code.
  7. Graphics code for the presentation of “Introduction to Fixed Point Iteration Method and its application”figshare submitted on 2016-05-12, get access to code.
  8. A short visit on Ising 2D Model, figshare submitted on 2017-06-26, get report file.
  9. Ising 2D Model Simulator, figshare submitted on 2017-06-26, get access to code.
  10. On 18 May 2017, I gave a presentation on “A short introduction to LaTeX and its importance”, Find the presentation file’s LaTeX source code at my github repository, get access to source code.
  11. A short introduction to LaTeX and it’s importance, figshare submitted on 2017-07-18, get presentation file.
  12. Here is the list of my contributions to Overleaf : Templates [notice of 11] and [11] .
  13. I have developed beamer-like power-point template compatible with Microsoft Office 2013, get template file.
  14. I have created a poster for International Conference on Physics of Space and Materials (ICPSM 2017) on “A short visit to Ising’s 2D model”, get poster file.
  15. The poster mentioned in item 14 has been created using LaTeX baposter class, get poster source code.
  16. My on-going research work in Quantum gravity project details: redirect to the link
  17. Mid-term progress defense presentation file of item 16: get the presentation file
  18. Final defense presentation file of my Bachelor degree in Physics, in the field of Quantum Gravity: get presentation file
  19. A thesis of my Bachelor degree in Physics, in the field of Quantum Gravity: get Damodar B.Sc. thesis
  20. The open source code of my work (of item 19), get the code

Giving credits is a way of respecting the author so, do I prefer. I’ll be very much thankful to you if you guys cite my articles (above ones or blog posts). What I believe is, I have contributed something to the respective field and impacted to the interested audiences.

Q. Wow, everything looks interesting!

A. Thanks!

Q. The last question, Is there anything to say to your visitors?

A. Yes, I have. Lastly, To know more about me, I suggest you look at “Author’s Stuff“. And, if you have any questions regarding blog then, shot me an email.

[State: Conversation finally finished!]